1956/57Smith Corona Silent Super

SKU: 5T466008

Mechanically:  no issues.


Aestetically:  squeaky clean machine.  Has a scuff mark on top right of machine near roller and on the left side near return lever.  Tiny scuff on front bottom frame.  See photos.  Taupe/brown in color.

  • Choosing a machine

    With so many different typewriters to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which is best suited for your needs as well as what appeals to you.  In my experience, it is a very personal decision. It is almost like choosing a car or a perfume. There is not one machine that stands out amongst the rest, one I recommend over another, or one that people gravitate towards.  You have to like the way the machine looks as well as enjoy using it - otherwise it will sit on a shelf.  

    I highly recommend doing some research, typewriters have become very popular and there is a lot of information on the Internet and many shops to purchase from.  If you find something that appeals to you, inquire with the seller about it.  I have found most typewriter people to be very passionate about these machines and happy to answer questions.

    Aestetically I do my best to photograph and note every flaw that may show on the machine.  Keep in mind these machines are 50, 60+ years old and are not factory perfect because they have been used.  Fortunately, if portable, they were kept in cases which protected them from excessive damage. If standard, they usually sat on a desk.  I try to be as transparent as possible about the product I am selling.  

    My goal is to match people with a machine they can treasure and use - no surprises when the case is opened.  Therefore, returns after purchase are usually not accepted, unless there is obvious damamge from shipping or extenuating circumstances.  Once again,I do my best to address any issue with the machine, whether cosmetic or mechanical, and hope that every customer is satisfied.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or general inquiries.



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