Backspace Westport's Beginning

A Word From Our Owner, Karin Kessler

Five years ago and another holiday season quickly approaching,  I was tired of buying gifts just for the sake of it.  I refused to buy another electronic device, gift card or anything that would end up as landfill. I was determined to find a gift that was meaningful to my children.  After much thought, a shiny black portable typewriter came to mind.  I really believed my kids would be taken in by its beauty as well as intrigued as they typed actual letters onto paper - I felt the gratification would be immediate. It turned out that I was the one most intrigued by these beautiful machines and developed a passion for collecting them.

My journey has been fascinating.  I have learned - and with great appreciation - about the development and progression of an invention which became an indisputable necessity of life for over one hundred years. 

In my quest for interesting, rare and desirable typewriters, I have discovered 'gifts'  that compliment my collection.  These items consist of what I consider meaningful.  They are practical, useful and memorable.  I hope that you are inspired and find that perfect gift....


‚Äč— Karin

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